Here at CC & Co. Dance Complex, our Sparks, Rising Star, Fusion and Core Companies, provide an environment for dancers to have the opportunity to be a part of a team atmosphere! Each company varies in level and commitment, but they all embody spirit, passion, and collaboration, while encouraging community and focusing on the total dancer.


The Sparks Performance Company is in it's 2nd year at CC & Co.! This company is designed for enthusiastic dancers who want to be challenged in classes without a large time commitment. Our company classes will focus on technique, performance skills, and connection amongst dancers! This is a performance-based company that will participate in local community events.


The Rising Star Company is our CC’s Club Dance Company. This company serves as an introduction to the performing and competitive dance world. Dancers participate in a community performance and a local competition in order to experience being part of a team and working toward common goals in a no stress, fun environment. This talented and energetic group of dancers is hand-selected during the course of the year to participate in this program with an accelerated technical curriculum. Rising Star dancers learn valuable skills, such as exploring their individual creativity along with working as a team for a common purpose.


The Fusion Company dancers selected for this company possess great energy and enthusiasm for dance as an art form. They have gone through an in-depth selection process. This passionate group of dancers continuously amazes audiences with fun, original choreography, and risk-taking movement. A superior amount of dedication and commitment is required to maintain the level of excellence of our FUSION Company. We support our dancers’ growth in a technically challenging atmosphere while creating a safe and fun environment for them to achieve their goals. The relationships that grow through this wonderful experience will last a lifetime.


The Core is our advanced performing and competitive company that celebrates excellent training in all genres of dance. Core Company members train throughout the season pursuing opportunities provided to them through a highly-educated staff and industry-level guest artists. The dancers work together creatively as a team toward a common goal through shared experiences of performance, philanthropic opportunities, classes, and social events. Our goal is to train and prepare all dancers regardless of vocation to excel in the art of dance as well as prepare them for their future through leadership, teamwork and making connections with others. We celebrate the uniqueness of each dancer and encourage self-discovery while equally focusing on creating dancers that participate within a team structure.


CC & Co.’s Pre Pro and Pre Pro Apprentice Program is open to all Company dancers. This program is for dancers who would like to add the benefits of supplemental and in depth training above and beyond their current required classes. This program is focused and geared towards dancers who are interested in pursuing dance as a career in some way, whether it be the college/conservatory route, commercial work, or even those interested in choreography, dance on film, production and/or teaching. Pre Pro and Pre Pro Apprentice dancers will have the option of extra classes to build upon their technique, as well as extra guidance/mentorship. They will work on constructing a resume, audition preparation and representing themselves for outside experiences, plus so much more!

This program will give our dancers more confidence and dexterity that will carry over into all aspects of not only their dance career but their life.