CommU-N-I-T-Y Resources!Our resources page embodies our mantra for the year to encompass aspects of learning, teaching, & understanding dance. These resources are for you & your family to maintain a Strong Mind, Strong Body, & Strong Heart along with learning the importance of the history to dance! We will be updating this monthly so if you have any suggestions you think would be useful, please email and we will look into them! Thank you in advance and we hope this is helpful, educational, & inspiring to our CC & Co. Community!

  • CC’s Dance Shop

    • Offers a variety of new colors in tights, ballet shoes, and jazz shoes for our dancers of color.
    • CC & Co. Masks
  • CC & Co. Dance & Acro Instructors participated in the Liberate the Artist “Forward Movement” training program and obtained an Inclusionary Certificate. Classes consisted of:

    • Culture In The Classroom
    • Language For Every Dancer
    • Incorporating Inclusive Stories
    • Embracing the Pivot
    • Accessibility for All Abilities
    • Today in Dance & Health
    • Dance For All

Dance History

It is so important to be aware of the historical figures that paved the way for us to be dancing today. The sacrifices they made and the stories they have to tell about their experiences. Dance history is such a vital part of a Dancers journey. Looking Into the past can give us perspective and inspiration. And a great appreciation for the incredible pioneers of the art forms that we love! Their personal stories are forever a part of the movement they created.

Every Dancer should have a deep understanding of where their art form came from, just as we study the lives of historical figures in school.

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